September 25, 2018
kitty waiting for adoption


August 31, 2018
Two tabby kittens lying together on a couch

Sahara & Savannah

August 15, 2018
A very badly burned cat in a cage at the vet.

Attica Fires: One cat’s story of survival

“If you are going through hell, keep going” (Winston Churchil) When you have been through […]
July 24, 2018
An older cat with tabby markings, as well as areas of white looks at something in the distance.

Crooked Face

July 7, 2018
Ένα πορτοκαλί με λευκό αρσενικό γατάκι που περιμένει να υιοθετηθεί βρίσκεται σε έναν καναπέ


July 6, 2018
A black and white kitten for adoption lies on an orange sofa.


January 4, 2018
Shelters built for the cat colony to use during inclement weather.

Neutering, feeding and love transforms a cat colony

It all started with a SOS appeal posted by an individual on Facebook, sometime around […]
November 29, 2017
The evocative cover design of ‘Cat Tails’ book of cat stories

‘Cat Tails’ book: The stories of 40 former Greek street cats

A purrfect present for cat-lovers, Nine Lives Greece presents ‘Cat Tails’, a book of happy-ever-after […]
October 1, 2017
We miss the beloved cat Benji Green Eyes every day (Photo by Alexis-Kimonas Kokkinaris)

Park life (and death)

The first six months of 2017 brought happy new beginnings, but also tragedies among the […]