September 16, 2019
An adorable calico kitten with blue eyes and pink nose is looking straight into the camera.


August 19, 2019
A pretty calico kitten playing with a toy with feathers


August 18, 2019
A composite photo of 2 kittens looking for homes.

Prinki & Lucas

August 13, 2019
A white cat with some black on her head sits next to an all back cat

Anabella and Zachos

August 9, 2019
A cat looking very pleased with the pats she's receiving.


June 28, 2019
A black and white cat with one pink ear, one black ear and a large black patch on his nose.


June 23, 2019
A white and ginger cat gets pats while sitting on a human's lap

Happy Endings

Alkis-Freddie We are happy to share with you the story of Alkis, our gentle giant […]
June 22, 2019
A young white and tabby cat being held up for kisses by her foster mom.

Rescue Stories

Pashalitsa Pashalitsa is a cat rescued by our tireless volunteer Ioanna at Omonia during Easter […]
June 20, 2019
At a TNR effort. One ginger cat sits in a trap an another lies stretched out on the outside of the trap.

The port project

At Easter a French visitor, Dominique, spotted a cat at the port with a severe […]