November 11, 2020
A collage of 3 cute kittens

Three cute kittens

November 4, 2020
A young female cat being patted and played with by a human


November 1, 2020
A little calico kitten walking tentatively and licking her lips

Mini Mo, a little calico kitten

October 22, 2020
A dark, flirty cat lies luxuriously on a rug while being stroked by a human

Jorge the flirty male cat

August 5, 2020
A young tortoiseshell cat is licking her lips while sitting on a colourful bed sheet with a tulips pattern.


July 30, 2020
Four strays. Feeding stray cats in Athens is just one things Nine Lives does to help them survive.

Don’t Shop! Adopt!

After feeding stray cats in Athens for some time, the author Sharon and her partner […]
July 11, 2020
A dark image of a foster cat looking straight into the camera

Foster (cat) Fail

It was both a personal and a group bet from the beginning. To myself, to […]
April 6, 2020
Our gentle black cat with her tongue dangling who now resembles the internet star Lil Bub because of several jaw operations

Our very own Little Bub named Jackie O

April 4, 2020
An empty Monastiraki during the pandemic affects stray cat care.

Street cat care during Covid-19 lockdown

Volunteer Nikos Giannoulopoulos outlines how Nine Lives is helping ever more street cats in Athens […]