February 10, 2020
A chubby-looking tabby cat is enjoying some head rubs from her human while lying on a floral couch sheet.


February 10, 2020
A sweet tabby cat with big eyes is looking into the camera while lying on a bed and with a butterfly toy over her head.

An adorable tabby cat named Mango

February 10, 2020
A one-eyed ginger cat is looking into the camera while sitting on a bed with another calico cat in the background.


January 24, 2020
A calico cat for adoption, sitting on someone's lap, stares into the distance


January 21, 2020
A black cat with green eyes is looking to us while sitting on a brown wooven chair.


January 12, 2020
A basket of lovely kittens.

Mama Lucy and her 6 lovely kittens

January 7, 2020
A gorgeous stray cat with plush black and white fur sits in a cat bed in her temporary home

Lucy the aristocat!

January 7, 2020
A gorgeous black and white cat with green eyes is posing for the camera while crouching on top of some wooden furniture.


January 5, 2020
A beatutiful black and white one-eyed cat is lying on a blue blanket while kneading with his paws.