Nine Lives Greece is a network of volunteers dedicated to the reduction of the stray cat overpopulation through trap-neuter-return programmes.

Each year we get hundreds of stray cats in Athens neutered/ spayed (1,700 cats in 2019 alone) and we help improve the quality of life of some 450 street cats through daily feeding programmes and veterinary care. We also try to find responsible homes for as many stray or abandoned cats and kittens as possible. View Cats & Kittens Available for Adoption.


Support our work with a beautiful cat calendar, a stylish T-shirt, bag or hoodie, or our Cat Tails book with true stories of adopted former stray cats. Every cent of profit from Nine Lives merchandise sales directly helps street cats in Athens through vet care and feeding. Our gorgeous 2020 Nine Lives Greece Cat Calendar is pictured here. View this and our other products by clicking the Shop button.

Become a Friend of Nine Lives and we will spay a cat in your name!

Each February, Nine Lives participates in the Humane Society International’s World Spay Day – a global campaign that spotlights the importance of spaying/neutering. Spaying/neutering is a proven way to reduce stray cat populations and improve their everyday quality of life. To mark World Spay Day, Nine Lives issued a challenge to supporters: help us spay/neuter the 300 cats in our World Spay Month Gallery.
Thanks to the incredible support of our Friends, we received the funds to spay/neuter every single cat before the month was up! But there are still more cats who need help, so it is never too late to contribute.
As a Friend of Nine Lives, your donation will directly support our Trap-Neuter-Return programme, which is vital for the permanent reduction of the stray cat population and the improvement of everyday quality of life of adult cats. Friends of Nine Lives annual fee starts at €35 or just €3 /month – which is the cost to spay a single cat – and any amount you contribute will go directly into controlling the stray cat population of Athens.
We offer rewards for each level of ‘Friendship’ as listed in the gray boxes below. Just choose the level you’d like from the Monthly Giving Options drop down box or click the Donate button to submit a one time donation.

Feline Friend

Reward: An email with our purrrsonal thanks!

1 cat spayed/neutered!

Purr-fect Pal

Reward: An email with our purrrsonal thanks!

2 cats spayed/neutered!


Reward: A Nine Lives Calendar and our purrrsonal thanks!

4 cats spayed/neutered!

The Cat’s Meow

Reward: A Nine Lives T-shirt and our purrrsonal thanks!

7 cats spayed/neutered!

King of the Catwalk

Reward: A custom-made keepsake and our sincerest thanks!

12 cats spayed/neutered!

One Time Donation:


Monthly Giving Options

Cats lined up on the ground eating dry cat food.

Cat-Feeding with Nine Lives

If you are visiting Greece and you are a cat lover, why not join our Colony Cat-Walk? The approximately one-hour free of charge tour takes place in the historic centre of Athens, where we feed over 150 spayed/neutered colony cats every day. Get to know our feline friends and their stories, enjoy a stroll through the picturesque heart of the city, and if you wish to, support our work by purchasing Nine Lives merchandise. Donations of cat food for the cats you will meet are welcomed with open paws!

NB Our tours are not associated with the money-making cat tours advertised on online platforms. Nine Lives charges no ticket price for these tours, and any donation made directly helps the cats get veterinary care and food.

To find out more and to arrange your tour, contact us using the pink Contact button below.