May 2, 2019
A close up of a young tabby cat lying and looking somewhere in the distance.


April 24, 2019
A young cat with white patches and tabby markings lies on a couch covered with an animal print cloth.


April 17, 2019
A ginger tabby lounges on a sofa.


February 18, 2019
A black cat curled up on a colorful quilt.


February 16, 2019
A beautiful, fluffy peach-colored and white cat sits next to a glass door.


February 4, 2019
A beautiful tri-colored cat looking at us from a shelf.


January 14, 2019
A pure white cat and her sister, a tabby lying on a couch.

Princess & Lilly

October 16, 2018
Rik holding his new kitten, Boots

When a holiday turns into a rescue mission

Sven tells the story of how his family, with the help of Nine Lives, gained […]
October 10, 2018
A sleeping baby with a cat snuggled up next to it.

Domestic cats and kids: the myths vs. the truths!

The following post was written by Dr Marialena Kyriakakou, a pediatrician who specializes in children’s […]