September 21, 2021
A sun-bathed ginger kitten is looking into the camera while sitting on a cat tree which is outside at a balcony.

Hector, an adorable ginger

September 20, 2021
A sweet rescued kitten lying on a cat scratching tower

Leni, a rescued kitten

September 18, 2021
Two little kittens for adoption seem to be posing for a portrait

Ben and Blue, two little kittens for adoption

September 11, 2021
An abandoned kitten named Magika sits on the floor next to her food bowl

Little Magika, an abandoned kitten

August 12, 2021
An adorable black kitten ready for adoption lying on her favorite reading material

Jessica, a black kitten ready for adoption

August 10, 2021
These adorable kittens for adoption are sitting together on someone's lap

Marvin & Pablito, adorable kittens

August 7, 2021
An abandoned male kitten sitting in a cat bed at his foster home

Bobby, an abandoned male kitten

August 6, 2021
A cuddly cat lying on the floor with his toy mouse

Eddie, a cuddly cat

August 3, 2021
Two kittens ready for adoption are snuggled together

Lida and Rony, two kittens ready for adoption