June 15, 2021
An ethereal tabby is standing in front of a tiled wall looking straight into the camera with her pretty green eyes.

Mia, our little fairy

June 15, 2021
An adorable dilute calico is looking somewhere outside the frame with her pretty green eyes.


May 20, 2021
A white/tabby female rescue cat lying with her tail wrapped around her

Missy, a female rescue cat

May 15, 2021
This affectionate cat looks right at us with bright eyes

Cooper, an affectionate cat

May 11, 2021
A sweet and loving cat, orange and white, culed up on a bed with a ball of yarn

Perseus, a loving cat for adoption

May 9, 2021
Two healthy cats are ready for adoption sit one on top of the other

Leleki and Kefalas

May 6, 2021
A stunning orange tabby cat looking at a plant

Red, an orange tabby cat

October 1, 2020
A chubby black and white cat with green eyes and a special moustache is posing with his paws tucked in next to a hydrangea.

A collector’s case – one year later

Time flies when you’re having…cats! It has been exactly a year since we got an […]
July 30, 2020
Four strays. Feeding stray cats in Athens is just one things Nine Lives does to help them survive.

Don’t Shop! Adopt!

After feeding stray cats in Athens for some time, the author Sharon and her partner […]