Cat in a shelter, sitting on a warm blanket
How to Help Stray Cats Now That Winter is Here
February 16, 2023
Long-haired cat looking at camera
February 20, 2023

Sandy, a cat rescued in terrible condition, was found in Spetses. The poor thing had half his body covered with injuries and much of his fur was missing. We transferred him to Athens so that he could receive proper vet care and thanks to our vets he has recovered almost completely, including growing new fur. He is FIV positive with no symptoms and FeLV negative.  He has a calm and shy character but he loves meowing at you and giving you head bumps as a way of asking for cuddles. Sandy gets along well with all other cats. He is approximately 6 years old, neutered and parasite free. He will be given microchipped to responsible humans. If there is a balcony in his new home it has to be netted for his safety, as he loves spending time there.