A tiny black and white kitten in someone's jacket pocket.
Curtains down for Athinaion theatre-a relocation and TNR mission
December 28, 2019
An adorable black and white cat is looking into the camera while lying on a wooden floor.
A collector’s case
December 29, 2019

Zephyra, the… well kitten!

A ginger kitten is playing from inside a leopart cat tunnel with a red feather toy.

This is the amazing story of little Zephyra, the well kitten. The poor baby had fallen into a well 6 metres deep. She had been there for 48 hours, crying for help, without access to food or water. Locals could hear her but it was so hard to help her out of the deep, dark trap.

An empty, dirty well.

This is the well into which poor Zephyra found herself trapped in.

Thankfully, the kind caretaker of the building and a lady from a nearby office called the fire brigade. But even though the local department responded, they were unable to help without proper equipment.

But her cries made it impossible to give up. The kind and inventive caretaker with a few locals tried for hours with various nets and poles. At first with no success. In the end he created a 6 meter pole and added to its end a fluffy net material that did the trick! Feisty Zephyra despite having been stuck there for 48 hours with no food or drink, grabbed the lifeline and came out screaming with joy! She fell into the arms of her rescuer and started purring immediately. Once to safety, she ate and drank to fill her hunger and thirst. She then visited the vet who told us she was about 1 month old, healthy and only had to be treated for parasites.

Once the vet gave the green light Zephyra went straight to foster care. During that temporary period she loved her American foster mum. She would sleep on her lap on every chance she could get.

A beautiful peach kitten with grey eyes is looking into the camera while a person holds her wrapped in a towel.

Zephyra got the all clear from the vet and moved into foster care.

With her apricot fluffy fur and cheeky, playful character, it was not too long until home offers started coming in. One of them ticked all the boxes: a lovely couple with another two sociable long-haired rescue cats. She moved into her forever home just in time for Christmas and has already won the hearts of her adoptive family.
A smart looking apricot kitten playing on her cat tree.

Zephyra is now happily adopted, just in time for Santa Paws!

A truly happy ending for this fluffy kitten that found herself from a scary and dangerous situation to a warm home just in time for Santa Paws!