Glykas, a former stray cat, relaxes by lying on his backin his adoptive home.
August 13, 2017
Two tricolored cats sitting next to each other, looking in the same direction
Helena & Katarina
August 13, 2017


Tri-colored cat Zouzou looks at the viewer with large round eyes

Zouzou is a cat who was abandoned in an Athens house when her former owner moved away. “Zouzou has settled in remarkably well and, like all cats in loving homes, is very much the boss who does as she pleases. Although still a nervous little girl, she is extremely intelligent, affectionate, curious and mischievous. Her “hobbies” include watching the birds and squirrels in the garden during the day and foxes at night, and keeping track of the neighbours by peeking with one eye round the curtain. In fact, she would be a very dilligent neighbourhood watch representative! Zouzou enjoys games with her many and varied toys, though perhaps her favourite is to sneak up on me, leap up to bite me gently on the arm then run like the wind to hide somewhere!”

  • Graham, Zouzou’s adopter