A female cat for adoption snuggled up to her foster mom
November 30, 2019
A tiny black and white kitten in someone's jacket pocket.
Curtains down for Athinaion theatre-a relocation and TNR mission
December 28, 2019

Zoya & Gordon

A tabby kitten and a tuxedo one are looking up while standing on a table covered with a grey fabric.

Zoya (tabby) and Gordon (b/w) are two cute kittens rescued from an abandoned building. Our girl was found with extremely severe eye infection. Gordon also had one teary eye which needed antibiotics and eye cream.

Nowadays the two buddies are recovering and revealing their purrsonalities. So far Zoya is the purrmonster with high hopes on being a lap cat that loves affection. Gordon is an adventurous little explorer. They love playing together and they are socialized with other cats and the house dog too! These cute kittens have bonded greatly so we are looking for a family that will adopt them together.

Our babies will be given parasite free, vaccinated, on condition that they will be sterilized at the right age. If there is a balcony, it needs to be protected with a net. If you would like to adopt this adorable pair of buddies contact us by clicking the pink button below or email us at [email protected]