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October 10, 2021
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Zeus, a young black cat

A cute black kitten is sitting comfortably on the rails of a balcony door.

Zeus is a young black cat who was born in April 2021. He was found inside the block that contains the water meter in a bad condition. Once at the vet he was diagnosed with panleukopenia. Thankfully, this strong kitten survived the virus and after a few weeks got a clean bill from the vet.

Right now Zeus is a perfectly healthy and super sweet young cat. He is a very tender baby, affectionate, talkative, playful and wants to cuddle. This young black cat is always spending time with another one of his friends, especially when sleeping. You will never find him alone, therefore we would like for him to be adopted with one of his buddies or the family must have a cat already.

He is vaccinated, parasite-free, has a microchip and is neutered. If you are interested in this adorable little guy, please contact us via the pink button below.