A gorgeous ginger cat is lying on a desk while the sun shines upon him.
A new life for senior Kiko
April 9, 2020
A dark image of a foster cat looking straight into the camera
Foster (cat) Fail
July 11, 2020


A beautiful cat for adoption lying contentedly with his furry friend

This beautiful cat for adoption (the top one) is named Yoga because of his very strange sleeping positions! Though a very sweet and affectionate cat, he has some terms and conditions. While he is not the kind that you can just pick up on a moment’s whim, he is definitely right by your side as you’re relaxing on the couch, happily purring as he’s nestled next to you. It seems that he has an issue when humans are walking towards him. We know little about his history or what might have caused this reaction. He will approach you from time to time but your best bet for attention and cuddles is when you are lying down. Perhaps this is a less threatening position in his eyes. He absolutely loves the cat in his current foster home and gets along with him perfectly. We believe that having feline company for him is vital to lower his stress levels since he is almost always in survival mode!

His new home should be in Athens. There should be other cat(s) for him to socialize with. We do not recommend a house with young children for this somewhat skittish cat. If you think you and your home may have what it takes to care for and love this gorgeous feline, click the pink button below.