A gorgeous cat with a round face and huge cheeks is looking at us while sitting on a vintage chair comfortably.
November 14, 2022
Γατάκι που κοιτάει από ψηλά την κάμερα
December 12, 2022

This magnificent creature is a beautiful cat named Trumpet. She appeared out of nowhere in our colony and as if she knew us for years, she started purring, kneading and asking to be petted. She was in a really bad state, but now after 20 days of receiving the necessary medical treatment and being fostered, she is doing great and fills our home with purring sounds and “biscuit-making-sweetness” while looking even prettier than before.

She is FIV+ so she’s really in an urgent need of a home. She is such a sweet and tender kitty who has suffered a lot and now we promised her the life she so deserves…

Trumpet has been spayed and received anti flea- and worm- treatment and we’ll also cover the expenses for her vaccination. She can be transferred anywhere within Attica. Regarding FIV: She can live in a house with dogs, FIV+ cats or even healthy cats who are neutered/spayed under the condition that they don’t fight. Won’t you consider giving this darling cat a forever home? For more information or to claim her as your own, click the pink Contact button below.