A young tortoiseshell cat is licking her lips while sitting on a colourful bed sheet with a tulips pattern.
August 5, 2020
A snowy white cat looks at us with her yellow eyes
August 15, 2020


A young tortoiseshell cat on a blue background poised to pounce on a toy

Toupsie, a young tortoiseshell cat, is searching for a home. She’s 19 months old and is looking for a home either alone or with her sister Poupsie. The cute sisters with the cute names, were rescued as kittens when our volunteer spotted them inside a cardboard box next to a busy and dangerous avenue.

Toupsie is now living safely in a foster home where she spends her days in the company of other cats, dogs and small children. She’s a sweet, gentle cat once she’s had some time to trust a new person. She likes to be cuddled and to play or sleep together with her foster mum. She needs a loving home where she can feel safe again.

Although she is generally in great health, she does have one minor chronic issue: stomatitis which involves inflammation of the mouth.  But that just means that she might need antibiotics every once in a while. She has been vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and dewormed, so she’s all set to go to her new permanent family. She gets along well with other cats, dogs and children. The only restriction is that she must be kept indoors. If you are interested in adopting Toupsie please click the pink button below.