An adorable tuxedo kitten with green eyes is looking up ready to catch something out of the photo frame.
A sweet kitten Dewey
October 4, 2019
A photo of a sweet white and orange kitten
365 days with Nine Lives!
October 15, 2019

Tommy & Snoopy

Two male stray kittens who look very similar in their white coats with black patches.

Tommy & Snoopy are 2 male stray kittens who are 6 months old. Found in a rubbish bin when they were just newborns, after much love and good vet treatment, they managed to keep 1 eye each! But don’t tell them they each have just one eye – they are as energetic and playful as kittens with 2 good eyes!  Because they are inseparable and they love each other so much we are looking for them to be adopted together. Now healthy, they have been vaccinated and dewormed. We must give them a home where they will be kept indoors and if there is a balcony it must be netted. For more information about these little darlings, click the pink Contact button below.

Tommy and Snoopy’s ‘baby pictures’: