A fluffy grey-white cat with green eyes is sitting on a white knit blanket
July 8, 2022
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October 15, 2022

Tom and his Tsoureki

Two grey-white kitties looking out of a cat cave

Tom and his Tsoureki are two beautiful grey and white kittens for adoption. Each is about 10 months old and both are very affectionate and social.

Tom was saved at the last minute from the wheels of a car during a rescue of an injured cat and Tsoureki was abandoned while she was sick in an abandoned house.

They found themselves in the same foster home and immediately became inseparable. We are looking for an adoption home for both of them together. Especially Tom needs Tsoureki’s company a lot.  Though they are a little shy in the beginning, very soon they adjust to their new environment and start playing the games that they love so much. They are neutered and healthy.

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