A dark image of a foster cat looking straight into the camera
Foster (cat) Fail
July 11, 2020
A gorgeous white and ginger female kitten lying sideways in a horizontal position
July 25, 2020


A white and tabby striped cat lying with her paws tucked in and her tail curled

Tiramisu is a 5-year-old female rescued  cat who was found in central Athens in a situation of neglect. Her owner was no longer able to provide for her. This poor cat was suffering from a bad case of stomatitis and needed dental work when we found her. The vet fixed her up and extracted some teeth and now she’s in fine shape. She has been spayed, vaccinated, treated against parasites and is FIV/FELV negative. In other words, she is now ready for a brand new permanent home with a loving family who will take good care of her. Tiramisu gets along well with other cats, dogs and kids, too. She loves to be inside, but if she has access to the outdoors it needs to be securely fenced or netted. If you are interested in adopting Tiramisu please click the pink button below.