A photo of two grey and white kittens for adoption, each with its name next to it it.
Tom & Iris, two gray and white kittens for adoption
July 23, 2022
A cat found in a truck engine enjoys playing in her foster home
September 23, 2022

Tim & Tom, the sweetest twin kittens!

Two of the sweetest twin kittens lying together in a makeshift cat bed

Tim & Tom are the sweetest twin kittens! Some so-called ‘human’ decided to give them a New Year’s gift by dumping them on the street on New Year’s day! Two little boys, one of them deaf, both inexperienced to life on the streets and some cruel person just threw them out there. A volunteer could see that they obviously wouldn’t last long and brought them inside. These amazing boys are now around 10 months old, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped, very sociable, super cute, playful and cuddly. Tim, the one with the lighter colored nose, is deaf, but it doesn’t bother him at all and he leads a normal kitty life. They are looking for a home together as their bond is strong and a joy to watch. Be sure to click the pink Contact button if you’d like more info.