A young female cat being patted and played with by a human
November 4, 2020

Three cute kittens

A collage of 3 cute kittens

These three cute kittens were born in a garage belonging to humans who didn’t care one bit about animals. They wouldn’t event throw a scrap of food to the mother who lived in their yard. So the mother cat started showing up in one of our feeding sites. One sad day we saw her dead body outside the house where she had given birth. Three days later the four babies emerged, barely one month old and ravenous with hunger. The road in front of that house is dangerous with its heavy traffic, so we hurried to rescue the babies. It was not easy, for they were scared and feral, but we managed to get three of them. Unfortunately, the fourth one got away and was run over by a car two weeks later.

Now the sweeties are 3 months old, tame, housebroken and purr happily when receiving human caresses. They are very compatible with other cats, because they learned to socialize early on with two older cats in their foster home. Ginger is the boy with the innocent look who washes himself so adorably. The calico is Foxy, who started out as the most timid of the three, but now sings with joy when she is petted. Kardoula (Sweetheart) is the one who answers when you talk to her and has the unusual characteristic of the shape of a silver heart on each side of her body!

The three adorable siblings are looking for a warm forever home to fill with love, joy, and long cuddling moments. They will be given to responsible humans with their health certificates, vaccinated, dewormed and deloused inside-out, together or separately, in or outside of Attica. If one or more of these little darlings seems right for you just click on the pink Contact button below.