A photo of two grey and white kittens for adoption, each with its name next to it it.
Tom & Iris, two gray and white kittens for adoption
July 23, 2022
A sweet young kitten lying on the floor and looking into the camera
Stephen, a sweet young kitten
August 4, 2022

Thor, a majestic cat

A majestic cat sits in a doorway

Thor…This majestic cat was found with a deep and nasty wound, caused by human hands as the vet said. His wound healed but he can’t return to the street where he obviously is in danger; he needs a permanent home. Thor is stunning, charismatic, and adores human company and cuddles! Although his facial expression may lead you to believe he’s irritated, he is actually quite friendly. Around 5 years old, neutered and vaccinated he will go to his new home microchipped. He is being fostered in central Athens. To learn more about this leonine feline, simply click the pink Contact button below.