Two kittens, one grey and white, the other black & white held on a person's lap
Paloma & Nanaki
November 3, 2019
A black kitten lying on a pea green piece of fabric while a human pats her head
November 6, 2019

A fluffy kitten Gandalfino

A fluffy white kitten with grey longhaired tail and green eyes is lying on the white floor in front of a black tv.

Gandalfino is a fluffy kitten found begging people for food and cuddles. When he moved to foster care he was extremely hungry, thirsty and exhausted. He picked a shoe box and slept there for almost two days straight. Rather relieved that he finally found the safety he was so desperately seeking for.

A few days of devouring food, sleeping and after a much needed anti-parasite treatment he started to regain his strength. He whines if he is left alone, welcoming you with the most adorable meowing. His appetite is enormous and waits for his wet treat every day.. He makes a game out of everything and will offer a good laugh if you try to scoop the floor!

Gandalfino enjoys watching the birds and purrs constantly. He wants to be close to you when he is sleeping and kneads whenever he is happy. In regards to his behavior with other pets, we saw he is ok with calm cats and is quite curious of dogs. Admittedly he is the most comfortable around humans and seeks their attention.

Gandalfino is a majestic male cat with white fur that feels like it’s made of clouds. He has grey spots on his head and back as well as a fabulous longhair grey tail. His eyes are green and very expressive. He sometimes gives kisses with his nose and pats you gently with his paw if he wants you to pet him. Gandalfino loves a good back scratch which almost always leads to a hilarious back flip from all the excitement and is 5 months old.

The ideal family for this fluffy kitten is the one that will not abandon him once he gets older. A family that will tolerate his kitten biting phase and offer him proper stimulants and attention. The person who adopts him must spend time with him or have another playful pet to keep him company. If interested in this joyful ball of fur contact us by clicking the pink button below.