A tortoiseshell kitten standing in a window with another one peeking out from behind her.
Lykosa and Skia
June 11, 2019
At a TNR effort. One ginger cat sits in a trap an another lies stretched out on the outside of the trap.
The port project
June 20, 2019


A tortoiseshell cat sitting in a yard.

Tarta is a 2-year-old female tortoiseshell cat ready for adoption. She was found when she was a kitten, frightened, in the middle of the street. Luckily we were able to rescue her before the traffic got to her. She is healthy, neutered, vaccinated & dewormed. Before we give her to her new owner we will have a microchip inserted with the new owner’s name. Tarta is very tender and social, so much so that she gets along wonderfully with other cats, dogs and even children. She will make a very nice family pet. If there is a garden or a balcony it must be fenced or netted. If you are interested in Tarta, please contact us by clicking on the pink button below.