A beautiful cat for adoption lying contentedly with his furry friend
June 4, 2020
A gorgeous black kitten with green eyes is looking straight into the camera while inside a blue and yellow cat tunnel.
July 8, 2020

Suzanna and her little stars!

Photo collage of three tabby kittens.

Suzanna and her little stars, five sweet young tabby kittens, were abandoned on the street with their litter tray, food and water. The queen mother was panicking, meowing for help non-stop and madly chasing away the cats of the colony where she was dumped.

On the other hand, her kittens were roaming happily unaware that they were playing on dangerous streets. It was mandatory that the whole family be moved to safety. Right now Suzanna is fostered alone while two of the kittens have found homes. Due to lack of space, the remaining three, Pluto, Mars and Anastasia are currently fostered in a small room. As you can imagine we are looking urgently for adoptions. 

Anastasia is a born meowdel! She is now 6 months old, spayed and vaccinated. She is a food enthusiast, loves eating good quality menus but always little portions to maintain that slim silhouette! A bit shy at first, but will open up once you win her trust. She loves exploring and will get along with other cats as long as introductions are made properly.

Mars is a unique looking, very handsome tabby. He is the biggest of all, eats the most and is the cuddliest as well. He would do just fine as an only cat, as he wants all the attention to himself and gets jealous if all the food and cuddles aren’t for him!

Pluto is the absolute joy of the litter. Very sociable and playful, he will make you laugh for days. He gets along with other cats and is vaccinated as well. The funniest member of this adorable litter.

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