A fluffy and cuddly female cat stretched out luxuriously on a bed
April 30, 2020
A white tabby is lying comfortably on a blue couch with a yellow pillow behind her.
Poppy, a true survivor!
May 21, 2020

Sunny Lola

An elegant ginger cat with lovely green eyes is lying on the bed while the sunbeam is bathing her slim figure.

Our sweet Lola is a cat who went through a lot in just one year of life. She was rescued from an unsuitable environment where she was living with dozens of other cats. At first, Lola was very fragile, but with intensive care and unconditional love she started to blossom.

Lola is now fostered and looking for a permanent home. She is an easygoing, beautiful and friendly cat who follows her foster mom like a shadow. Sweet cat Lola has a soft spot for cheese, especially Parmesan and has a best friend, her cute little monkey toy. It is evident that she misses her cat friends, so we hope we can find her a family that already owns a cat. Very cuddly and tender, she asks for petting and loves sleeping on your chest. Her favorite thing is sunbathing while listening to the birds watching. A home with a safe, fenced garden or a secure netted balcony would make our girl very happy!

Lola loves humans and will be your best company while you read or working from home. She is spayed and in good general health. If you need more info on our ray of sunshine that Lola is, please email us or click the pink button bellow!