A majestic cat sits in a doorway
Thor, a majestic cat
July 26, 2022
Two of the sweetest twin kittens lying together in a makeshift cat bed
Tim & Tom, the sweetest twin kittens!
August 10, 2022

Stephen, a sweet young kitten

A sweet young kitten lying on the floor and looking into the camera

A small yet bold sweet young kitten was found running in panic between the cars in Filoaou until he ran into the wheel of a parked car.  From there he was lured with turkey foie gras  and has been in our hands ever since. This is Stephen, a 2.5-month-old talkative and playful purring machine! He was bathed, dewormed and he already has a tummy from the many patties he’s eaten.  He is eagerly looking for a forever home! You may notice a shadowy cast to one of his eyes, but he can still see very well. Who will grab this cutie? If you’re the one, click the Contact button below.