Two rescued kittens, brother and sister, sit near each other and look at something in the distance
Fred and Phoebe, rescued kittens
October 3, 2021
A black and white male cat looking for a home is lying on a table
Robin, a male cat looking for a home
October 7, 2021

Spyridon, a tender panther

A gorgeous black cat is lying against a white wall.

Spyridon is a tender panther rescued from the recent wildfires in Attica. He is an 1.5 years old boy who was found trying to save himself from the approaching fires. Our volunteer found him and rescued him together with other scared cats.

He is very nice and talkative boy. Our tender panther tries to win your attention at all times. He is very anthropocentric and adores human company. Spyridon never ever hisses not is he playing aggressively. This black boy doesn’t bite and doesn’t scratch. He will call you to pet him when he is eating and absolutely loves this routine. He plays like a kitten with mice toys and balls but most of all he adores to follow his human and keep him company. Spyridon is also great friends with younger Hector and they spend a lot of time playing together.

This panther would be ideal for lonely people or for a couple or family with kids. Spyridon misses some back teeth, probably due to his life as a former stray. He is vaccinated, dewormed, neutered and FIV FELV negative. He must stay indoors or in a house with a fenced garden. If you choose him you will earn a very loyal friend. Please contact us for more info by clicking the pink button below.