A tuxedo cat is sitting on a window porch next to a wooden treasure box.
July 3, 2019
An adorable black and white kitten inside a cat's play tunnel
August 2, 2019


A one-eyed tortoiseshell cat watching us from a bench.

Though Sparrow, an 8-month-old female, is a one-eyed cat she sees as well as most cats with two eyes. She was found as a baby, abandoned on the side of the road, in grave danger of being hit by a car.  Sparrow tends to be  a little shy when she first meets someone but once she learns to trust you, she can be  a very tender cat who likes hugs.  She is neutered, vaccinated & dewormed plus she gets along  with other pets. She will be given with a microchip with the name of the new owner. If her new home has a balcony or garden it must be netted or fenced in. If you are interested in this young cat, you can contact us by clicking on the pink button below.