A beautiful, fluffy peach-colored and white cat sits next to a glass door.
February 16, 2019
A black cat curled up on a colorful quilt.
February 18, 2019


A black and white cat lies on a sofa with one paw hanging over the edge.

We managed to rescue Soso, a young cat for adoption, this summer right at the last minute, as she was running in panic in between cars at Omonoia. She is now fostered along with other cats, a situation that she tolerates but is far from ideal for her. The few times she has been alone in her foster home she instantly became very cuddly and friendly but then when the rest of the cats returned she got stressed and cautious. This is why we are looking for a home where she will be the only cat, with a protected balcony or garden. She is almost 1,5 years old, healthy, vaccinated and spayed. For more information on this cuddly kitty, contact us through the pink Contact button below.