A playful kitten lying in a hammock made just for him
Domino, a playful kitten
July 24, 2021
A young rescued cat sitting on a turquoise blue sofa.
Leia, a young rescued cat
July 28, 2021

Snuggle & Honey, rescue kittens for adoption

Two rescue kittens for adoption sleeping next to each other

Snuggle (male, orange) and Honey (female, tricolor) are 2 rescue kittens for adoption. They’re both approximately 3,5 months old. Snuggle was rescued from inside a car engine and Honey was saved from the middle of a highway.  They get along well with other cats and dogs. It would be nice for them to be adopted together, as from the first moment they met they became inseparable and this would help both of them to adapt more easily to their new home. Be sure to click the pink Contact button below to find out more about these young cuties.