A white and orange cat was rescued and now lies on a bed with a new friend
January 13, 2023
Black and white cat looking at camera.
January 24, 2023

Smartie, Maja and Tigris

Three little rescued kittens huddled in the corner of a cage

Smartie (white tabby), Maja (tricolor)  and Tigris (brown tabby) are 3 little rescued kittens from a very hostile neighborhood. They are about 5 months old. There are people in the area where they were found who throw flares and water on the volunteers’ heads and the strays often just “disappear” in the night. The kittens were very sick and had to be hospitalized immediately. Thanks to our excellent vets, the 3 siblings are recovering very well and they are ready to find a home where they can grow up in safety.

Due to their bad experiences from this colony, they are quite cautious and need time to learn to trust you and get close to you. They are not aggressive, just scared and not very confident yet. We are looking for homes for these kittens, either together or separately, where they will have the time they need to develop their characters and become more courageous and cuddly. Will you help us? For more information on these little darlings click the pink ‘Contact’ button below.