A composite photo of 2 kittens looking for homes.
Prinki & Lucas
August 18, 2019
A kitten with white and tabby markings sits with a fluffy pink ball.
September 8, 2019


A pretty calico kitten playing with a toy with feathers

Sissy, a beautiful abandoned kitten, is portrayed in this fairy tale.

Once upon a time there was a young princess that an evil witch was jealous of. She envied her wonderful personality and her unique beauty so she put her in a box and abandoned her next to a garbage bin, leaving her there to die. But good always prevails and just like that a fairy appeared right in front of her, took her to safety and the hard past was left behind.

Sissy was born in April 2019 and she is looking for the person who will provide her with the happy ending in her life story. She will be given fully vaccinated and dewormed. If you could be the one to grant her a happy ending, click on the pink Contact button below.