The feature picture for the blog post, 'Cat fans will love Nine Lives Greece' including a collage of cats.
Cat fans will love Nine Lives Greece
February 17, 2020
A black, adorable young cat sitting on a colorful rug in front of an orange background
Phoenix, the adorable young cat
March 8, 2020


An orange and white former stray cat looking back over his shoulder

We have rescued many stray cats. Each one has its own sad story.  Every once in a while a street cat will have an unusually strong affect on us. His eyes are so expressive and full of despair that they call to us. You know that even if you don’t have any more time or space, if you don’t do something at that very moment, this night will be his last.  Simba was one of these particularly pitiful animals. He surrendered to us the night we found him and he didn’t care what we did to him because he was just so exhausted.

Approximately 2 years old, Simba is a beautiful orange-white male cat. He is now safe in a foster home. Since he has recuperated from his awful outdoor living experience, he has become very affectionate and social. He enjoys playing with his toys and he loves hugs and human companionship. Fortunately, he is very healthy: FIV and Flev negative, neutered, dewormed and vaccinated.

Simba is looking for a permanent home. He would be suitable for a family and he gets along with other cats. Because of his experience, he avoids the outdoors. It would be best for him to live as an indoor cat. If there is a garden or a balcony it needs to be fenced or netted. For more information about this lovely cat click the pink button below.