A white and ginger cat gets pats while sitting on a human's lap
Happy Endings
June 23, 2019
A tuxedo cat is sitting on a window porch next to a wooden treasure box.
July 3, 2019


A black and white cat with one pink ear, one black ear and a large black patch on his nose.

Sebastian is a 1.5-year-old male cat, very tender and social. He was found when just 20-days-old in the rubbish bin. But he was strong and he survived. He has a calm character, likes hugs and playing with his toys and he gets along with other cats and dogs.  He is neutered, vaccinated & dewormed. He will be given with a microchip in the name of the new owner. If there is a balcony it must be netted and if there’s a garden it must be fenced. If you are interested in Sebastian, please contact us by clicking the pink button below.