A gorgeous cat with dark orange eyes sits on top of a scratching post.
Queen, a pretty cat with dark orange eyes
June 19, 2022
An abandoned cat of stunning beauty is looking to us with great confidence.
An abandoned cat named Lolita
June 26, 2022

Sandy and her kittens

Sandy and two of her kittens are posing for the camera.
Sandy and her kittens are a beautiful family. Sweet Sandy appeared one night in one of our colonies for the very first time. She found shelter in a house made of cardboard, and decided to give birth inside of it. Because she was a kitten herself and because male cats were circling her shelter, we moved her to safety.
Sandy gave birth to three beautiful kittens, Sunny (orange male-ADOPTED), Alice (pink) and Tiger (silver tabby boy). At first, she was confused but she immediately trusted us with her little ones. It was evident she didn’t have previous experience being a mother and that she needed some assistance.
Sandy and her kittens are now all ready for a family. She is around 9 months old and her babies almost 2.5 months old. Alice is more outgoing while Tiger is a bit more reserved. Their mother doesn’t want to do much with them now that they are weaned, and is looking for a kingdom of her own to reign! She is tender and very cuddly.