The feature picture for the blog post, 'Cat fans will love Nine Lives Greece' including a collage of cats.
Cat fans will love Nine Lives Greece
February 17, 2020
A cute kitten with wonderful orange eyes is lying on a fluffy blanket looking into the camera.
April 3, 2020

Red is a beautiful male cat with orange and white coloring. He is approximately 2.5 years old. He is very social, friendly and loves human companionship and soft beds. Red had found shelter in an abandoned house. One day he appeared with his leg injured and swollen. After a small operation, Red returned to his colony. He was very different from the other cats. Every day he waited for the volunteers and greeted them by butting them with his head. Then it was announced that his shelter would soon be demolished. Red is now safe in a foster home but unfortunately not for long. While in this home he has revealed his incredibly social nature with people. It would be better for him to find a home with no babies, because he is frightened by the sudden movements. He is neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. We would prefer for him to live in an indoor home and if there is either a balcony or garden it needs to be netted or fenced in because he is afraid other animals outdoors when they are aggressive. Interested in this sweet gorgeous kitty? Click the pink button below for more information.