A timid young cat with silvery tabby markings sits on a rug
Dusty, a timid young cat
April 8, 2021
Frosty, the bravest cat, looks at us from his cat bed with his one good eye
Frosty, the bravest cat
May 4, 2021


A long-haired calico cat lying on a pink backdrop with her toy beside her

Little Rapunzel, a long-haired calico cat, appeared in a cat colony looking for food. We could not abandon her as she was just 3 months old and a stunning beauty. We took her to a foster home and tried to socialize her as she is not a sociable kitty.  This pretty girl was spayed recently, and has made good progress with her foster mum. Rapunzel is a low maintenance cat who only asks for a quiet and calm environment. Preferably a home without small children or too much noise. She gets along with other cats very well. This little beauty may not be a lap cat but she would be a nice companion for anyone who is looking for a low profile, beautiful cat who is easy to share a home with. Click the pink Contact button below for more information.