A dark image of a foster cat looking straight into the camera
Foster (cat) Fail
July 11, 2020
Four strays. Feeding stray cats in Athens is just one things Nine Lives does to help them survive.
Don’t Shop! Adopt!
July 30, 2020


A gorgeous white and ginger female kitten lying sideways in a horizontal position

Rafaella is a white and ginger female kitten, 10 months old, who was rescued in the center of Athens. She had been evicted by her owner who was no longer able to provide for her. Having been homeless for some time, she was in terrible condition. We took her to the vet who worked magic on her and now she has blossomed into a gorgeous cat. While at the vet, she received vaccinations and was dewormed. Now healthy, this quiet and calm feline is a real sweetheart. She gets along well with other cats, dogs and children, too. Rafaella needs a permanent home with a loving family. She adores being inside, but if there is access to the outside, it needs to be fenced (if it’s a garden) or netted (if it’s a balcony). For more information about this lovely kitten please click the pink button below.