November 24, 2019
A female cat for adoption snuggled up to her foster mom
November 30, 2019

Psyche, a Devious and Horrible Little Kitten!😼

A little kitten playing with a large conch shell that has a green toy in it.

Is there a more insufferable little kitten than Psyche? Two volunteers chased her around for three days, from car engine to car engine, and she had the nerve to wail her lungs out without even peeking from her hidey hole! And when she finally comes into the house, she just claims it as her own stomping ground without so much as a “by your leave”, gamboling and dancing by herself all day, eating heartily, and playing at utter cuteness! Just two months old, but already an expert thief, for she will steal your heart and mind, distracting you nefariously by licking your ears with her little tongue and purring like a miniature jackhammer without an off switch. If you think pushing her away will deter her, you’ve got another thing coming, for she will bounce back and follow you everywhere with undiminished love and enthusiasm, to sit on your stomach and stare at you adoringly, or perch on your nape and obligingly delouse your hair with her little teeth (forget any plans you had for your coiffure).

And just when you’ve had enough, the little minx will sit and snooze quietly for hours, until she has lulled you into a false sense of security… Your other cats cannot protect you: Psyche will lay siege unto them until they yield with friendliness and toleration, to better isolate you as her primary target for seduction. So please,  responsible (would-be) pet owners out there, have mercy—and take her off my hands. Deloused, dewormed, with shots and all, you couldn’t find a worse kitten if you tried! Please, please click the pink button below to start the adoption process.