A collage of a mother cat and her sweet young tabby kittens
Suzanna and her little stars!
June 28, 2020
A gorgeous black kitten with green eyes is looking straight into the camera while inside a blue and yellow cat tunnel.
July 8, 2020

Prometheus, a gorgeous black cat

A gorgeous black cat lying on his side

Prometheus, a gorgeous black cat, was found during the lockdown, hiding at the edge of an archaeological site, neither drinking nor eating. As our volunteers approached him, they noticed an awful smell and something seemed very wrong with his belly.  They took him to the vet, who found a round hole in his abdomen, exposing his intestines. It had clearly happened some time ago, as it was rotten. It was a matter of life or death.

Prometheus proved a true titan. Against all odds, he put up a formidable fight. During  one month at the vet clinic, he underwent two complicated operations and finally was given the green light to leave the clinic. Our champion is currently fostered but needs a forever home. He is shy just at first  with new people but loves to be caressed once he gets to know you a bit. The ideal home for Prometheus would be a peaceful one, with an adopter who is patient and caring. He is used to being with other cats, but could equally be single. He would love a fenced garden or netted balcony, but it’s not a prerequisite.  He is neutered and treated against parasites, and will be vaccinated and microchipped before adoption. Interested in our beautiful Prometheus? Click the pink Contact button below.