Head shot of a silver-grey cat with one paw on the table
August 16, 2019
A pretty calico kitten playing with a toy with feathers
August 19, 2019

Prinki & Lucas

A composite photo of 2 kittens looking for homes.

Prinki (female tabby) and Lucas are two adorable kittens looking for a home. Along with their brother Leo (who has been reserved for a home) they were born in a storage room by a stray young cat. When we found out that the skinny cat had kittens in there, we started feeding them every day by putting food underneath the locked door or through a hole and slowly they started trusting us and getting outside to eat. Once they were big enough, they would come out whenever they wanted to play which put them in danger. When we trapped the mother cat for spaying, we decided not to leave them behind. They are now safe and sound playing and eating inside and all they need is a forever home. Prinki is sweet, sociable, calm and like all kittens playful, while Lucas is shy and needs time to trust people as he grew up in the storage room with a phobic mother. They both enjoy climbing on and exploring the bookcase in their room and every day I find different books on the floor (I guess they love reading too!) They are fully vaccinated and parasite free. If there is a balcony or garden, it has to be fenced or netted. If you’d like more information about these lovely kittens, click the pink button below.