Our gentle black cat with her tongue dangling who now resembles the internet star Lil Bub because of several jaw operations
Our very own Little Bub named Jackie O
April 6, 2020
A gorgeous ginger cat is lying on a desk while the sun shines upon him.
A new life for senior Kiko
April 9, 2020


A fluffy white cat is lying on a green bedsheet with her eyes closed, like she is smelling a spring breeze coming in from the window.

Princess is a gorgeous fluffy cat with an elegant personality. She was rescued from a filthy basement where she lived with 19 more cats in dreadful conditions. No clean water, no proper food, not even a sunlight could reach these poor souls. Thankfully volunteers rescued them and moved them all to safety.

Our Princess is calm, gentle but also cuddly and playful. She can stay in your arms for hours enjoying a blissful nap but also surprise you with her curious explorations! She gets along very well with other cats and we would love it if she finds a home together with her protector, Ben, or her play buddy Charlie. Her personality is as unique as her fluffy, soft coat. She loves everyone but also knows how to stay out of fights and give time and space to whoever needs it.

A romantic soul for sure, Princess can stay all day by the window when it rains, sniffing the raindrops and the fresh air that gets in. All those simple things that she was deprived of all her life until her rescue…Ideally a home with a safe garden or a fenced balcony will offer her the adoption she has been waiting for so long.

She is healthy, spayed and fully vaccinated. If interested in our fluffy Princess please don’t hesitate to click the pink button below.