A gorgeous ginger cat is lying on a desk while the sun shines upon him.
A new life for senior Kiko
April 9, 2020
A pretty long haired cat looking at something in the mirror
June 2, 2020

Poppy, a true survivor!

A white tabby is lying comfortably on a blue couch with a yellow pillow behind her.

Poppy is a blind cat who survived 4 whole years on the streets! You certainly have to be quite special to achieve such a feat. Thankfully, during a TNR effort she was trapped and went straight to foster care. She has been looking for a home ever since.

She is a beautiful, gentle and loyal cat. When she isn’t cuddled up on or near you, or chilling in a sunny spot, then she’s off playing with anything that makes a sound or has catnip on. From the way she plays and moves around the apartment you’d never know that she is blind. Always interested in food and loves to chat away to you. This amazing cat will make a very special companion. Poppy, our blind cat, is around 4-5 years old, spayed and treated for parasites.

She is fostered alone, so we aren’t sure how she would be with other animals. However, one thing is certain, she makes a purrfect companion for humans. If interested in this precious, special cat please click the pink button below.