A fluffy cat held by a human and looking into the camera.
Fiona, a fluffy cat with a pretty face
September 15, 2020
Two calico kittens next to each other, one is sitting on the floor next to a cat scratcher while the other is lying on a beige fabric.
Gabi & Zoe
September 25, 2020

This petite one-eyed kitty was found abandoned at a colony where other cats had been poisoned. She was skeletally thin, weighing less than a kilo despite being 6 months old, and was riddled with ringworm, her ears were infected and she was in the first stages of pneumonia. Nonetheless, from the first moment she arrived at her foster home, Pollyanna was touchingly trusting and gentle, holding her foster mum’s hand with her little paw.

She is now a healthy 10-month-old girl, weighing 3kg; she is spayed, free from parasites, and her missing eye has been operated to remove detritus and possible source of further pain or infection.

Pollyanna is very playful and will bring lots of laughter to your home as she plays hide and seek, or pounces on her favourite ribbon toys. Despite her small size, she has a strong and decisive character. Her favourite greeting is a kiss on the nose, while she lures you to tickle her belly by flopping on the floor a few steps from you, purring emphatically. She is a gossip and likes to sit at a look-out spot by the window, watching the neighbourhood.

Pollyanna is the only animal in her foster home, and she really thrives on human affection, so an ideal home for her would be one where her adopters are home a lot. She might also enjoy the company of another cat, for shared games and gossip. Although immediately affectionate with her foster mum, her saviour, she is wary of new people just at first, but once she knows they are trustworthy, she turns on the full charm of her vivacious personality. She will need some time to adapt to her new home and people, and would be best suited to a peaceful environment without children.

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