An orange and white former stray cat looking back over his shoulder
March 6, 2020
A confident orange feline sitting against her scratching post
March 10, 2020

Phoenix, the adorable young cat

A black, adorable young cat sitting on a colorful rug in front of an orange background

Meet Phoenix, who rose from the ashes after nearly dying, and is on his way to complete recovery after winning an Academy Award… Oops, wrong Phoenix! But this one’s accomplishment is even greater. Phoenix, the adorable young cat, is gaining weight and confidence and is now looking for a loving home where he will never go hungry again. 

Phoenix is estimated under one year old, neutered and will be vaccinated before adoption. He is playful and smart, and as an entertainer, can hold you spellbound – just like his namesake. Please click the pink button below for more information.