Nine Lives volunteer feeds the cats on her normal route while giving a cat tour of Athens
Cats are very addictive!
November 28, 2020

Penny, a friendly female cat

A solid black, friendly female cat sits on a peach colored bedspread

Penny is a very sweet and super friendly female cat. Approximately 5 years old, she suddenly appeared one day in one of our feeding colonies. It became quite apparent that she craved human companionship. Any time someone passed by she was sure to follow and she spent tons of  time day or night standing  outside of shops where people were going in and out. Now in a foster home, she first looks for hugs and after that, food comes in as a second priority.

Our Penny unfortunately tested positive for FIV and FELV. However, she is not sick, she’s just a carrier. This is an added reason that she needs a warm home and lots of love. Though cats that are FIV/FELV positive will not necessarily get the disease, they will remain carriers for the rest of their lives. They may need a little extra care. Penny, so affectionate, is desperately looking for a home filled with love and human companionship. Could it be yours? For more information click on the pink Contact button below.