A tabby kitten with a bad eye plays with a colorful pinwheel.
May 24, 2019
A tortoiseshell kitten standing in a window with another one peeking out from behind her.
Lykosa and Skia
June 11, 2019


A gorgeous black cat with yellow eyes sitting on what looks like a cloud!

Pebbles, now a healthy cat, was found on the Arvanitia path, in Nafplio. She was among other skinny cats but she was the only sick one and she was in pretty bad condition. Her eyes were glued together and puss was coming out, she was breathing heavily due to an upper respiratory infection, she had flea bites and her fur was missing in some parts of her body. She also looked pregnant so we took her with us.

She is one of the most well-behaved cats in a car and, believe it or not, she doesn’t mind being in a carrier!

She’s now been treated for her ailments: she’s had her parasite treatments, has just finished her antibiotic treatment for the respiratory problem, she’s been spayed, and she will soon have her vaccinations. Her fur gets softer and softer every day and new fur is growing back. 

We are looking for the best home possible for this sociable, affectionate, talkative kitty who would be great company for anyone.

If there is a balcony in her new home it must netted. For more information about this sweet ball of fluff please click the pink button below.