A tricolored lady cat from the streets of Athens sitting contentedly in a window of her new home
Aliki, a Lady cat from the streets of Athens
January 5, 2020
The feature picture for the blog post, 'Cat fans will love Nine Lives Greece' including a collage of cats.
Cat fans will love Nine Lives Greece
February 17, 2020
Pastel is an affectionate tabby cat, about 2-3 years old, found on the street with her pelvis broken. Luckily, her situation did not require an operation but we had to keep her in a crate for 2 months. She can now walk, jump, run and climb as if this accident had never happened!
Pastel is one of the most affectionate cats we have ever fostered, she follows us around and asks for cuddles all the time. She needs a home that can offer her care and stability. She is FIV positive and her blood tests show that her liver is not in the best shape. However we believe this must be due to the stress and hardships as the ultrasound didn’t show anything bad. The people who will adopt her should be aware that her monthly costs are a bit higher than the costs of a 100% healthy cat; she is on RC hepatic food for the moment and she gets two food supplements, one for her liver and one for her immune system.
Pastel does not look sick and she can have a long happy life but she needs a bit of extra care. She is sterilized and parasite free, she gets along well with other cats but she could also be a single one. As she is faster than the wind and despite the accident she can climb everywhere, if there are balconies they should be fenced with a net.
If you are interested in adopting one of the sweetest tabbies ever and you are able to care for her please click the pink button or send us an email.