A fluffy tabby curled up on a colourful blanket
Tally, a fluffy tabby
October 19, 2021
The front cover of a calendar featuring a fluffy tabby cat sitting on a wooden bench
The 2022 Nine Lives Calendar: an ode to our seniors!
October 23, 2021

Paris, a fluffy beauty

A gorgeous ginger fluffy cat is lying gloriously on a couch.

Paris is a fluffy ginger and white cat who was born on the street almost 8 months ago. She lived in a colony near a high traffic avenue, but her docile character made her unsuitable for a life as a stray.

Our volunteer trapped her for neutering and she has been fostered since. Paris is a fluffy beauty who gets along well with cats and humans. She is very playful, but also calm and doesn’t make any fuzz at home. Paris is delicate and very tender while she also presents a sociable personality. She can be adopted either as a single cat or with a family that already owns kitties. If interested please contact us via the pink button below.