A stunning blue cat with bright eyes is lying on a grey carpet in a protected outdoor space.
November 1, 2019
A fluffy white kitten with grey longhaired tail and green eyes is lying on the white floor in front of a black tv.
A fluffy kitten Gandalfino
November 3, 2019

Paloma & Nanaki

Two kittens, one grey and white, the other black & white held on a person's lap

We found Paloma, one of two adorable kittens for adoption, on a bridge on the way to Zagora, in Pelion, Greece. Every time a car passed by, she would hide in the grass but after a while we could see her tiny head again. We just couldn’t ignore her so we put her in a carrier and we started taking her everywhere during our holidays. She is sociable, affectionate and loves sleeping next to us. She loves climbing and eating a lot!

When we were back in Athens, some friends asked for help with a kitten that was crying in their car engine. We were not planning to take her but when we saw her we thought, ‘How can we just leave this tiny kitten with the huge eyes in a garden? She likes sleeping on top of us while constantly purring. She became best friends with Paloma, follows her everywhere and tries to steal everyone’s food!

We want them to be adopted together as they are inseparable. They are parasite free, vaccinated and they will be given microchipped. They will be given on the condition that they will be sterilized at the right age. If there is a balcony it has to be secured with a net. If you are interested in these darling kittens, click the pink Contact button below.