A one-eyed tortoiseshell cat watching us from a bench.
July 23, 2019
Two kittens, one a tabby and the other black and white, sit on books in a bookcase.
Lulu and Stevie
August 4, 2019


An adorable black and white kitten inside a cat's play tunnel

Paloma, an adorable kitten for adoption, was found on a bridge on the way to Zagora, in Pelion, Greece. Every time a car passed by, she would hide in the grass but after a while we could see her tiny head again so we were able to catch her. She is sociable, affectionate and loves sleeping on the pillow or on our heads. She gets along well with other cats and kittens and she would be happy if there is another pet in her forever home. Before going to her new home she will be treated for parasites and vaccinated, but she must be sterilized when she reaches the appropriate age. If there is a balcony, it should have a protective net to keep her from falling or jumping off. If you are interested in this darling young kitten, click the pink Contact button below.